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  • November 2011

cycle the central highlands and build an organic community garden and rice paddy

Dates: Nov. 6-19
Price: $3,800

Challenge MeterExplore Vietnam's central coast and highlands by mountain bike for 8 days, cycling through some of the smoothest and most scenic backroads in Southeast Asia. Then travel deep into the Mekong Delta to build a revenue- and food-generating rice paddy & community garden alongside members of an ethnic Khmer community in need.

This expedition is appropriate for anyone in reasonably good physical condition who doesn't mind getting rained on once in a while.

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Throw your dreams into space like a kite and you do not know what it will bring back; a new life, a new friend, a new love, a new country. €“ Anais Nin, 1903-1977

expedition route & itinerary

On this adventure philanthropy expedition, you'll see the real Vietnam, well beyond tourism.

We convene in Danang, a coastal city in Central Vietnam, on Sat., Nov. 5. Over 8 cycling days, we'll cover more than 300 miles through some of Vietnam's most scenic, historic and remote regions, from coastal flatlands to white-sand beaches, over rolling hills and country streams, into steep cloud-capped mountain passes and through ethnic minority villages near the Lao frontier.

The route is challenging and captivating, comprising long stretches of jungle backroads €“ including a pristine lost highway that follows the path of the wartime Ho Chi Minh Trail - and highlands towns where foreigners are rarely seen. We will be cycling up a mountain pass or two. Our support van is always near when limbs grew weary or it's time for a break.

We'll end our cycling journey in the picturesque river town of Hoi An, about 20 miles south Danang, with a well-deserved day of rest.

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your volunteer project

Working with a local community of ethnically Khmer adults and children in the Mekong Delta, over 4 days we'll build a community garden and rice paddy that will produce not only food but revenue for the selfsame group of deeply impoverished people living on Vietnam's social and economic margins. Our destination for this project is Rach Gia, a provincial capital on Vietnam's western Delta coastline. Our non-profit partner is The Catalyst Foundation, which Roadmonkey worked with in November 2010 to build a playground in Rach Gia.

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expedition cost & timeframe

This adventure philanthropy expedition begins Sunday, Nov. 6, in Danang. The Cycling portion ends some 300 miles later, in the riverine town of Hoi An, on Sun., Nov. 13. A rest day in Hoi An recharges our batteries. From there, we fly to Ho Chi Minh City and, after an overnight rest there, take a short flight to Rach Gia, in the Mekong Delta, the site of our 4-day volunteer project.

Upon completion of our community garden, we take the short flight back to Ho Chi Minh City, for a celebration dinner.

The cost of this adventure philanthropy expedition includes all lodging, domestic air and ground transportation and most meals - excluding those taken on your day off - quality mountain bikes, a support van and a fully developed volunteer project.

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lodging & food

Upon arrival in Danang, expedition members can expect single rooms in a superior hotel, for a soft landing to a long airplane journey from home. All hotels and guesthouses on our route are clean and well-managed, although in the more remote areas, rooms will be modest, reflecting the depth of our explorations: double rooms in clean, no-frills settings.

We'll be traveling through some of the most compelling food regions of Vietnam. Our daily meals will be fresh, made to order and quite Vietnamese. Vegetarians have no troubles getting their fill in Vietnam.

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arrival & departure

Please arrive in Danang on or before Saturday, Nov. 5. We will meet you at the Danang airport. Danang is easily reached via connecting flights from either Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi, often on the same day as your international arrival.

Departures from Vietnam can begin from Ho Chi Minh City on Sunday, Nov. 20.

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What Our Clients Have to Say About Roadmonkey:

What you are doing has had a huge affect on all of us, internally. Externally, there is a playground where there was none and a bit more hope than there was just a week ago. There are ties forged by the experience that go both ways, and cross oceans, that will never be undone. It's a beautiful thing.
~ John, architect

Thank you for an incredible trip. I was surprised to return from travel to a new land feeling rejuvenated by and indebted to a group of people I traveled with. We Roadmonkeys dug our toes into foreign soil and I got the feeling that, in a little over a week, we were let in on some of the secrets Peru keeps from travelers of convenience.
~ McKenna, hedge fund administrator

I was hoping for a trip through which I would learn about and participate in another culture and be challenged mentally, emotionally and physically in a relatively safe format. The Roadmonkey trip fulfilled and, then, wildly exceeded all my expectations.
~ Chelsea, biochemist

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